Based on decades of combined experience, CoreMark is recognized as a leader in the management, design, and implementation of telemarketing programs -- as well as providing ongoing quality assurance to numerous telemarketing end users. 

Manage Programs
CoreMark manages and directly oversees telemarketing programs for clients whose expertise lies elsewhere, allowing them to focus on their core business rather than managing sophisticated telemarketing programs.

Our program management services include:

script crafting
list selection and procurement
drafting of requests for proposal/quote (RFPs/RFQs)
selection and procurement of telemarketing vendors
program testing
design of verification procedures and methodologies
monitoring and oversight of telemarketing vendors
guidance to clients relating to government regulatory matters
assistance in development and production of ancillary materials

Analyze and Evaluate Programs
As a result of our years of experience, CoreMark clients have found our ability to analyze and evaluate existing telemarketing programs to be enormously valuable. CoreMark can offer analysis on your entire telemarketing program -- or just a portion of it.

What's more, we don't simply evaluate, we offer clients options and solutions. As a partner, our philosophy is to deliver answers -- not simply to identify problems.

Construct and Design Successful Programs
Whether you're looking to design an entire program or need help with one aspect of an existing program, CoreMark can help. From sales to surveys, our experience is unparalleled. And instead of offering rigid solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering multiple options to client challenges -- letting you determine the best course of action.

Provide Quality Control
CoreMark provides quality control for numerous clients who desire accurate, in-depth, and neutral oversight but who don't have the time, resources, or technical ability to do so for themselves. After evaluating your existing program, we propose a strategy to ensure that your standards are adhered to and that policies are followed.

We ensure that the results of our quality control are conveyed to clients in a meaningful and timely fashion. Results are always interpreted within context and provided in measurable and quantifiable formats as well. CoreMark never simply pushes raw numbers at clients; we provide thorough analysis, explanation, and recommendations.

Provide Regulatory Assistance and Guidance
Today's increasingly complicated regulatory environment requires a knowledgeable and experienced partner who understands new laws and rulings which affect telemarketing. CoreMark works with client telemarketing vendors to keep them informed of current developments -- and enforce existing regulations. Numerous clients have found this added level of protection to be invaluable.